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Kourosh Tari
Kourosh Tari

My name is Kourosh Tari. I started the Duplicate Transaction to be a platform where my audience finds useful information about software development for payment platforms.
With over 30 years of experience in software design and development and more than a decade in payment processing, I decided to start this website to help fellow professionals in this particular niche of software development.
Whether you are looking for sample codes for integration into a payment gateway or trying to figure out how the semi-integration technology helps the merchants, you can find what you need here on the Duplicate Transaction (DT).
Staggering advancements of information technology have revolutionized the payment industry to the point where many concepts of the past have become obsolete, and new methods are emerging every day.
On the other hand, technology has introduced new challenges to the payment industry. Cybersecurity and data protection have become essential and indispensable parts of any payment infrastructure for merchants of any size.
Your participation and contributions are much appreciated. So, please consider sharing your information, telling me about your experiences and feel free to introduce your services and products. If your content doesn’t stray from the primary mission, which is to provide answers to those who seek them, I will publish it.


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